Marcus Aurelius: Chinese(?) Use Fake Facebook Page for NATO Chief to Diddle His Subordinates

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Marcus Aurelius

Not sure I agree with NATO advice to their seniors to all start social networking sites.  I personally avoid that stuff like the plague.

How spies used Facebook to steal Nato chiefs’ details

NATO’S most senior commander was at the centre of a major security alert when a series of his colleagues fell for a fake Facebook account opened in his name – apparently by Chinese spies.

. . . . . . .

They thought they had become genuine friends of Nato’s Supreme Allied Commander – but instead every personal detail on Facebook, including private email addresses, phone numbers and pictures were able to be harvested.

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Phi Beta Iota:   In an “open everything” world, those raised in walled garden are actually retarded and pay the price.  It is not possible to be smart in isolation.  Secrecy is now a fatal cancer.  Bureaucracy is now a fatal cancer.  Governments (and all other forms of organization) in isolation are now fatal cancers.  For a tiny fraction of what is being wasted by the US Cyber Command and the US National Security Agency, an Open Source Agency under diplomatic auspices could catapult the USA into Smart Nation status.

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