NATO CIMIC: The Role of China in Afghanistan’s Economic Development & Reconstruction

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Wakhan Corridor (AF) Touches China
Wakhan Corridor (AF) Touches China

PDF (8 Pages):  20120316 NATO CIMIC Role_of_China_in_Afghanistan_Economy_Development

March 2012

This report examines the contribution of the People’s Republic of China to reconstruction and development in Afghanistan, with a particular emphasis on mining and natural resource exploitation.

On 05 December 2011, at the Second International Bonn Conference on Afghanistan, China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs declared the following: “The Chinese people cherish friendly sentiments toward the Afghan people and sincerely hope that peace, stability, independence and development will come to Afghanistan at an early date. We will work with the international community and make our due contribution to the achievement of this goal.” Such comments reflect China’s engagement with Afghanistan’s development, which has, since March 2010, taken place in the scope of the China-Afghanistan comprehensive cooperative partnership agreement, according to Eurasia Review. The topic of Chinese involvement in Afghanistan is taken up in this report, which primarily focuses upon China’s contribution to development and natural resource exploitation in Afghanistan. This review of Chinese engagement is divided into the following sections: (i) aid and development financing, (ii) bilateral trade and (ii) investment in natural resources. It builds upon previous CFC work concerning this issue, including a May 2010 report on “Chinese Involvement in Afghan Development”.

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