NATO CIMIC: The Roles of India & Pakistan in Afghanistan’s Development & Natural Resources

NATO Civ-Mil Ctr
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PDF (7 Pages):  20120316 NATO CIMIC Role_of_India_Pakistan_in_Afghanistan_Development

March 2012

This report addresses the roles of India and Pakistan on the economic development of Afghanistan based on the material provided in open sources.

The involvements of Pakistan and India in Afghanistan are often related to each other. Given that the research and materials concerning these two countries’ involvement in Afghanistan heavily overlapped, the Civil-Military Fusion Centre (CFC) determined to address these two topics in one consolidated report.  It may be useful to preface the specific discussion of Indian and Pakistani contributions with a discussion of these countries broader strategies towards Afghanistan. For instance, an article noted by South Asia scholar Christine Fair in Foreign Policy indicates India hopes to contribute to peace and stability in Afghanistan and the emergence of an Afghan government which is on friendly terms with India. Similarly, a report from the Jinnah Institute and the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) indicates that Pakistan wishes to have friendly relations with Afghanistan and to ensure that events in Afghanistan do not contribute to instability in Pakistan. Such factors and many others, as demonstrated in the following sections, have led these two countries to make significant contributions to reconstruction, development and natural resource exploitation in Afghanistan.

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