Owl: Greece Explodes on 20 March – Massive Credit Insurance Whirlpool Speeds Up — and Forced Population Reduction…

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Who? Who?

Some very strong and strange signals coming out of sources that have a track-record of being accurate.

1)  Banks have created an economic doomsday scenario.  Greece is going to default on 20 March, and will eventually get to renounce 80% if not more of the debt that its government very unwisely took on (never mind Goldman Sachs high crimes, governments are supposed to have a modicum of intelligence and integrity).

2)  This is going to lead to two consequences, not one:

First, the banks have huge amounts of “insurance” obligations, an entire underworld of banking in which these obligations to cover one another’s bad debts are not counted as liabilities — when these all come due, banks crash and no amount of government bail-outs with printed or digital counterfeit money is going to save them.

Second, the combination of riots and economic collapse among hundreds of millions of previously “rich” Europeans with the collapse of the banks is going to present some governments with “internal control” issues.  In the USA, the plan under Bush-Cheney was the Civilian Inmate Labor Facilities (CILF), incarcerating the unemployed on agriculturally-productive land.  That plan has now been abandoned as unscaleable and unenforceable — the number of pissed off citizens with guns may have something to do with the realization.

And now for the scary part: how do you handle a population of what Henry Kissinger likes to call “useless eaters” who are also armed?  Enter the Forced Population Reduction Program (FPRP).  Originally to be implemented with neutron weapons (allegedly killing people without destroying infrastructure), the new new thing is VX gas that is heavier than air and make an entire city die with even less environmental damage.  How the deaths are “sold” is no doubt being worked on.  Testing this in South Africa or the Congo first (they are a party to the program), then simulating a “black plague meets SARS” transfer to Detroit or a couple of southern states, can be anticipated.

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