Reference: Anonymous Video 16 Minutes

Civil Society, Counter-Oppression/Counter-Dictatorship Practices, Cultural Intelligence, Hacking

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-What are we capable of 2.0-

Each of us has our own path, but each of us share the same goal, a free humanity,together we stand. People all around our world have made the choice to rise against this corrupted system. The resistance continues. 2011 will forever be remembered as a year of global uprising. 2012, the whispers of revolution blow in the wind. We are anonymous.

We continue to support the people as we “occupy” because we truly believe another world is possible, a world where choices are made from the Heart, a world free of fear. As Humanity continues to connect at an accelerating rate…we continue to cross all borders. With knowledge comes understanding, with understanding we can overcome our issues, we must live in a world free of censorship.
As you watch this video governments around the world continue to arrest Anons and beat peaceful protesters. They fear us because we are evolving faster than they can control. We can no longer exist in their world of fear…. It is time to make our own change.
Now is the time to make our stand. There is no ONE right answer, our resistance must be as colourful as the spectrum. You can only disturb the hive so much before you get stung! The people will only take so much! You can no longer contain us! We are just getting warmed up!

We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect Us.

1.Immediate music – “An epic age”
*fragment – Future World Music – “Sin and Restitution”
2.Brand X music – “Cut me”
*fragment – unknown
3.Music Junkies – ” Days have turned into nights”
4.Brand X music – “Forgotten world”
5.Fired Earth Music – “Aphelion”
*fragment – Two Steps From Hell – “I am not human”
7.Fired Earth music – “Precession”
*fragment – Future World music – “Gods and Demons”

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