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The 600 ship search is what we had under Secretary of the Navy John Lehman.  The 1000 ship Navy is the multinational chimera of a series of Chiefs of Naval Operations.  The 450-ship Navy is the achievable, affordable, sustainable Navy that actually needs US national security and commerce needs.  The 450-ship Navy is also based on serious strategic and operational intelligence.  What the US Navy and US Marine Corps have in the way of force structure today is not based on serious strategic and operational intelligence, such as the  “strategic generalizations” that were done by the nascient Marine Corps Intelligence Center (MCIA) in 1988-1990 and then discontinued for lack of interest among the flag officers who care more about fighting for budget share on behalf of their particular mission area, instead of creating a whole Department of the Navy that is relevant, affordable, effective, and agile.

2008 U.S. Naval Power in the 21st Century

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