Worth a Look: Human-Centered Knowledge Buckets

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KBucket - Knowledge Buckets | Infotention | Scoop.it

“KBucket as a platform is designed to be a search site for curated content. Each search term will give you tens of possible curated and researched pages on the topic of your interest. Our vision for KBucket is a Wikipedia type platform curated and clustered by humans . This video explains our vision.”

Brought to you by Optimal Access, Inc.  From their About page:

The following statement by Geoff Tothill form FirstAssist – a client that has been using our desktop product for many years – perfectly describes the challenge they face and how our product has helped them solve the problem of Context Management and information access personalization.

“The problem with the traditional concept of a web portal is that structure and direction is ‘designed into’ the portal and the addition of new material, or the personalization of this information for use in a restricted part of an operation can be very time consuming.

Using Optimal Desktop as a universal client we have solved many of the traditional problems associated with the structuring of information which is derived from multiple sources. We have built individual panels (cabinets) for each of our teams, with information grouped together logically in groups (drawers). This has allowed a large amount of information to be deployed in a coherent and understandable way.”

Phi Beta Iota:  Something very interesting is starting to happen — push-back and proven superiority of humans over algorithms.  Human-centered curation is joining M4IS2 as a focal point for creating the World Brain.

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