John Steiner: Young Americans Sue US Government Over Environment

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John Steiner

Subject: S.O.S. from the youngest generation

³Industry has a legally protected cognizable interest to freely emit CO2.²  Fossil Fuel Industry Intervenors in the Kids vs Global Warming lawsuit against the US Government to protect the atmosphere as a public trust, April
2, 2012

This is what one of the attorneys for the National Association for Manufacturers said at the hearing this week when they were allowed to join the US Government in defending their so-called ³right² to continue emitting as much CO2 as they please.  Alec Loorz and the other youth plaintiffs, are challenging that right with their own right, one they share with their entire generation, to simply survive on this planet.!lawsuit

The judge and all attorneys agreed on one thing:  this is a case of national significance.  We are facing a historic moment.  This lawsuit is a critical and unprecedented opportunity to break the impasse in Congress and force federal emission reduction plans.

The youngest generation holds the moral authority on the climate crisis issue.  Their lives are at stake.  But we have the science AND the law on our side as well.  The public trust doctrine states that certain natural resources, like the atmosphere for example, must be preserved for reasonable use by all citizens. Even future citizens. When those uses collide – one for profit and one for sustainable life – it is up to a judge to decide which ³interest² is allowable under the public trust.

The David vs. Goliath moment of our time: Youth fighting for a livable planet for their entire generation vs the US government and fossil fuel industry lobbyists fighting for more profits.

The judge recognizes the significance of this case.  A courageous, and just, decision to stand with the youth plaintiffs would mean that the EPA must create a comprehensive climate recovery plan reducing carbon emissions by 6% per year. This would begin the transition to a sustainable economy that climate activists and climate conscious representatives have been trying valiantly to change for decades. It would also mean the end of the corporate fossil fuel industry dictating our future.

Instead, together we could help to create the Future We Want. What future do you choose?    This is more than a David vs. Goliath moment.  This is an opportunity for us to unite around the single most important decision of our time.

Your voice, your support, your investment is urgently needed.  Here¹s how you can help: MAY 11.  FLOOD THE COURTROOM.  The Motion to Dismiss will be heard and we need to fill the courtroom with support from all generations.  Judges make decisions based on the law. But, the support we offer will demonstrate that this is not simply an inconsequential case brought by a few teenagers…it is, rather, a case of national significance that has mass support.!lawsuit

APRIL 22.  MARCH WITH US.  On Earth Day, Alec will be presenting a powerful mindset-shifting slam poem preceded by a ³Choose Your Future² march at the National Mall to recruit support for the May 11th hearing.

ASAP.  CONTRIBUTE RESOURCES.  We need to mobilize a thousand people in DC over the next month, connect with other organizations and media.  Can you please help us raise $10,000 over the next couple days to help us battle for our future.

Help us awaken our nation to the reality that Our Future Matters…more than their profits.

Thank you for standing with us!
Victoria, Alec, Valerie, Lucy, Russell, Akilah and all the iMatter team

P.S.  Learn more from two of the youth plaintiffs, Garrett and Grant Serrels, who were in the courtroom to represent not just Kids vs Global Warming, but every member of our generation.  Here is a rough video of a short speech they gave last week at an OccupyEPA event in DC.

P.S.S.  Check out Ben Jervey’s article about the lawsuit from desmogblog.

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