Marcus Aurelius: Reagan Vs. Obama – Social Economics 101

Cultural Intelligence


Marcus Aurelius

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I posted this clip to help promote the informative documentary I WANT YOUR M Buy the full documentary at It’s also feature great in-depth interviews from economic experts and politicians including:

Mike Huckabee   .   Stephen Moore   .   Michael Reagan   .   William Voegeli   .   Star Parker   .   Kenneth Blackwell   .   Edwin Meese lll   .   Thad McCotter   .   Newt Gingrich   .   Lee Edwards   .   Pete Wilson   .   Steve Forbes   .   Gary Bauer   .   Kate Obenshain   .   Chris Edwards   .   David M. McIntosh   .   Lila Rose   .   John Stossel   .   Allen Icet   .   Rob Schaaf   .   John Stossel   .   Tom McClintock   .   Andrew Breitbart   .   George Runner   .   Alison Fraser

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