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CULTURE | A Call to Arms from the Author of ‘The Open-Source Everything Manifesto’

By  RobertSteeleApril 27, 2012
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As much as I love all that it represents, Occupy is struggling. The dirty little secret of Occupy is that it is moderately organized in NYC, Chicago, Boston, and Oakland – and a mob everywhere else. The “general strike” called for 1 May is just around the corner, and the truth be told, Occupy may be about to implode for lack of leadership, focus, and financial attractiveness to the non-Occupy majority that actually shares Occupy’s anger and disdain for corruption across the public and private sectors. What I offer in this call to arms is a simple game plan that will allow Occupy to raise one billion dollars if not more, to cleanse the temples of government, and to restore the Republic.

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I call on all citizens of the United States of America to coalesce around the spirit of outrage and patriotism that Occupy and the Tea Party represent. I present seven specific actions we can all take such that in November 2012 we elect an honest President and an honest Congress. Anyman can be president because all of us will be the coalition, the congress, and the committee of the whole.

This is a legal, ethical, non-violent call to arms.

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Call To Arms – Paulistas, Arise And Occupy 2012

Submitted by RobertDavidStee… on Fri, 04/27/2012– 15:27

In my opinion (more about me at NOTHING Ron Paul accomplishes from WITHIN the two-party tyranny will matter. Anyone believing that is simply out of touch with reality.

A brokered convention is NOT going to EMPOWER Ron Paul and the Paulistas UNLESS the ground work is laid now–that includes all of the action items below. Anything less is Ron Paul playing dead. IMHO.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Robert Steele was called  a lunatic in 1992 when he published “E3i: Ethics, Ecology, Evolution and Intelligence: An Alternative Paradigm.”  Now his latest book The Open-Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, and Trust, closes that circle, after the US Intelligence Community has completely wasted, across 20 years, over 1.5 trillion dollars, when just $3 billion a year for the Open Source Agency would have created a Smart Nation and imbued the U.S. Government with unimpeachable integrity through intelligence.  The parallels between pre-Nazi Germany and pre-martial law USA are frightening.  If either of the two-parties that tyrannize politics in their bipartisan role as servants of the 1% win November 2012, it may not be possible to achieve a non-violent revolution and only a future violent revolution–and multiple secessions by multiple states– will restore legitimacy to the Republic.  Too many good people are beginning to emigrate from the USA — combined with 18 veteran suicides a day — 25 for each combat death this year — the death knell of the USA is loud and clear.  It is crazy to want to restore the intelligence and integrity of the USA?  Is it crazy to believe that a non-violent revolution is possible if the current crop of Presidential candidates will stop being so selfish and come together?  Or is it instead crazy to accept the multi-trillion dollar borrowing and the multi-trillion dollar crimes against humanity being done in our name and our expense?

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