Owl: Pope Outraged Over Leaks on Vatican Corruption — Should He Adopt US Tactics?

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Who? Who?

No institution on planet Earth – no matter how allegedly “respectable” – seems exempt from lies, fraud, graft, corruption, and so on, and all of them are highly intent on exterminating the “whistleblowers” within them, even the Catholic Church:

Pope calls in Opus Dei troubleshooter to uncover source of Vatican leaks
Cardinal given ‘pontifical mandate' to hunt Holy See staffers releasing documents on corruption claims in ‘Vatileaks' scandal

“Vatican staffers who have been leaking embarrassing letters about corruption and nepotism inside the tiny city state are to be hunted down by a crack squad of cardinals led by a senior member of the religious group Opus Dei.

Irritated by the anonymous release of documents to the press this year, Pope Benedict has named Cardinal Julian Herranz, 82, to lead a three-man team which will haul in staffers for questioning and rifle through files until they catch the perpetrators of what has been dubbed “Vatileaks”.

A short statement printed on Thursday on the front page of the Vatican's daily newspaper warned the team had a full “pontifical mandate” to “shed complete light” on the whistle blowers, who have lifted the lid on alleged theft and false accounting.”

Phi Beta Iota:  First off, whistleblowers are becoming more active in t he 21st Century —  not only is a “public mind” coming alive with integral consciousness and integrity but the Internet is making it very very easy to do secure whistleblowing.  The Catholic Church — as with any “institution” that thinks it is above all evolved standards of human decency, has been corrupt since the myths took over.  Priests are required to be celibate for one reason and one reason only: to enable the Church to avoid family and survivor benefits.  Child molestation and other perversions are an “acceptable” alternative to this corrupt mind-set.  The Church has been financially corrupt since time immemorial.  We applaud the whistleblowers — they are doing God's work against venal betrayers of the public trust.

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