DefDog: Afghan Solider Shoots NATO Soldier, US/NATO “Disingenious”

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This line is completely disingenuous…..shows the lack of knowledge of the Afghan people……

Afghan Special Forces Soldier Shoots US Mentor

It follows another shooting incident earlier this week

By Kevin Spak,  Newser Staff

newser, Apr 27, 2012

A member of Afghanistan’s elite special forces—a group that is supposed to be rigorously vetted—shot and killed an American mentor and his translator at a US military base Wednesday, before being gunned down in turn by US soldiers, Reuters reports. Another Afghan special forces soldier was killed in the crossfire as well. The Taliban immediately claimed responsibility for the shooting, but according to one Afghan general it took place “after a verbal conflict.”

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Phi Beta Iota:  Afghanistan has been a study in legalized crime.  The USA has trained, equipped, and organized both sides for the past decade, while simultaneously taking Afghanistan opium processed into #4 heroin in Pakistan (by the Pakistani military) from 0 to 95% of the world’s supply.  Talk about hat tricks for the financial crime families behind the two political parties in the USA for whom no insanity is inconceivable.  In comparison the 200+ other illegimate “small wars,” Afghanistan is a study in “optimal” government-induced global crime.

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