Penguin: Google’s Public Destruction Heralded by Those Ignorant of Google-zilla

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Google’s Destruction Is Already Under Way

Nicholas Carlson

Business Insider, Apr. 27, 2012

The Federal Trade Commission has hired the prosecutor who got Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh the death penalty to lead its investigation into potential anti-trust violations by Google, report David Streitfeld and Edward Wyatt of the New York Times.

Her name is Beth Wilkinson.

Experts tell the Times her hiring sends “a strong signal that [the FTC is] prepared to take the Internet giant to court.”

According to Streitfeld and Wyatt, the government’s concern with Google is that “Google has manipulated its search results, making it less likely that competing companies or products appear at the top of a results page.”

Phi Beta Iota:   Google is light years ahead of any government, and those who think Google search is even remotely vulnerable to government intervention have no clue as to either Google’s strength, or governmental ignorance.  We have been calling for a center for computational mathematics for years now, but governments would rather be ignorant and unethical than effective.  Yes Google has programmable search engines and yes, Google is corrupt to the bone at the top (very much like the US Government, 80-90% good people trapped in a bad system).   It is not possible to understand Google without reading The Google Trilogy by Stephen Arnold.
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