Eagle: Google Gives Law Enforcement Everything About You

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Cryptocomb has reviewed many of the documents uploaded by AntiSec from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

One document in particular is most interesting as it confirms Google’s diligence at responding to LE(Law Enforcement)requests for information of it’s users. Cryptocomb will not post the document, as it appears to involve an active criminal investigation.

Google Provides Local LE/Federal LE with the following data of its users.

Users Email Address
Email Address Status (If it’s in use or not)
Date/Time and IP Address used to create user account
User NickName
Real Name
Physical Address
Phone Numbers
Dates/Time/IP Address of User Logins

What Google services the member uses: Adsense Clicks, Bookmarks, Calendar, Checkout, Co-op, Docs, Gmail, Lso provider,
Mobile, Notebook, Personalized Homepage, Reader, Safe search, Search history, Sms auth, Spreadsheets, Strongauth, Talk, Toolbar,
Transliteration, Web history promo, Youtube.

If a member uses Googles Checkout, Google stores the users CC data, which includes all users personal information, Who the user pays, who pays them, how much money is involved in transaction, date/time of transactions.

It also appears that Google provides data on ALL of it’s services to local/federal LE. LE has the ability to ask what youtube videos
a user posts and watches, what documents/URL’s a user has translated, Document titles stored in a users GoogleDoc storage area (its
unknown if LE can request copies of a users documents, but we assume that they can), a users calender data, the list goes on and on.

Phi Beta Iota: Evidently all of this is done without a warrant being required, provided, or asked for.

Source: http://cryptocomb.org/

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