Howard Rheingold: Google’s Next Step in Search

Advanced Cyber/IO, Commercial Intelligence
Howard Rheingold

This is what “Metaweb” was working on before they were acquired by Google — Howard

“When you search, you’re not just looking for a webpage. You’re looking to get answers, understand concepts and explore.

The next frontier in search is to understand real-world things and the relationships among them. So we’re building a Knowledge Graph: a huge collection of the people, places and things in the world and how they’re connected to one another.

This is how we’ll be able to tell if your search for “mercury” refers to the planet or the chemical element–and also how we can get you smarter answers to jump start your discovery.”

Introducing the Knowledge Graph

Phi Beta Iota: Google continues to do math hacks on digital garbage. While it is beneficial to connect the Internet of things with the Internet of words and numbers, Google is a) not a search company, something most do not understand, and b) not at all committed to making sense in the public interest. When Google can cannot every mind, written and spoken word, thing, and location relevant to understanding poverty, then we will be impressed. Until then, like Microsoft, Google is part of the problem, not the solution.

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