Owl: Poor Kids Tortured by Dentists for Practice and Profit

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Who? Who?

This adds to the Sears-sized catalog of particularly vile predations the rich ruling class – in the form of private equity investors – imposes on the poor in order to grab every penny and every buck. In this case, they are causing innocent children much physical suffering through fraudulent means. By buying off North Carolina politicians to the tune of at least $1 million, they will most certainly get their way unless there is a public outcry:

Private-equity driven dentists accused of “dentally abusing” poor kids on Medicaid with painful, unnecessary procedures

“Hedge funds in America have backed several dental practices, and Medicaid and parents allege that this has led to a rash of “dental abuse” of poor children, who are seen by dentists at school, without parental consent, for invasive and painful (and expensive) procedures performed by dentists. Critics say the dentists have to meet quotas in order to attain the valuations set by the private equity funds who call the shots. A North Carolina bill aimed at fighting this practice is being fought by three funds (Leonard Green, Court Square Capital Partners, and Levine Leichtman Capital Partners) who’ve raised $1.1 million to kill it.”

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