Michel Bauwens: Emergence, Crisis, Replacement

Cultural Intelligence
Michel Bauwens

Emergence, Crisis, and Replacement of the Era of Decentralized Networks

“Technology, and particularly communications technology, generates the conditions of possibility for changes in power structures. Daniel R. Headrick argues in The Tools of Empire that 19th century European imperialism, which at one point controlled three quarters of the surface of the Earth, only became possible when transport and communications technology resulted in the establishment of economic networks […] After all, before a colony could become valuable and annexed to a European economy, a communication and transport network had to be laid.

>Via jean lievens

Moment 1: The Emergence of Decentralized Networks;  Moment 2: The Crisis of Decentralized Networks; Moment 3, the beginning of the transition: Hacker Culture as the successor to the decentralized systems era

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