Penguin: US Intelligence Directive on Counterintelligence and Security

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Who, Me?

All together now, “shhhhhhhhh!”

Phi Beta Iota:  The DNI's staff is taking fluff to new heights–naturally with the best of intentions, but some pretty profound ignorance for that level, as well as neutering in place.  There is no security to speak of, anywhere, there is no defensive counterintelligence worthy of the name, and there is assuredly zero offensive counterintelligence.  We observe with studied dismay the directive shows no evidence of understanding the fact that defensive counterintelligence and security should be under the same leadership, and that offensive counterintelligence and clandestine operations under the same leadership.  There is no opening in all this for getting it right unilaterally, and there appears to be no possibility at all of exploring multinational variations on the theme.  DHS, DIA, and SOCOM are all going to screw this up, very expensively, and all those responsible for sustained failure will be long retired before anyone actually itemizes the many expensive ways in which they failed.

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