Patrick Meier: Become a (Social Media) Data Donor and Save a Life

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Patrick Meier

Become a (Social Media) Data Donor and Save a Life

I was recently in New York where I met up with my colleague Fernando Diaz from Microsoft Research. We were discussing the uses of social media in humanitarian crises and the various constraints of social media platforms like Twitter vis-a-vis their Terms of Service. And then this occurred to me: we have organ donation initiatives and organ donor cards that many of us carry around in our wallets. So why not become a “Data Donor” as well in the event of an emergency? After all, it has long been recognized that access to information during a crisis is as important as access to food, water, shelter and medical aid.

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Phi Beta Iota:  This has very provocative and inspiring implications for redefining (or restoring) what it means to be human — the art of sharing information to help the community, the collective, survive and prosper.  We are honoring Dr. Meiers original idea by including Data Donor as a permanent search term for the Open Source Everything Highlights.

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