Penguin: Official Report on 2011 Cost of Intelligence “Security”

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good indication…” that we are out of our minds

Information Security Oversight Office 2011 Cost Report

Phi Beta Iota:  The cost, totalling $12 billion, is as good as a deceptive bureaucracy can provide.  Our own estimate based on other sources over time is that it is closer to $15-20 billion, and this is without considering the cost of lost productivity, lost critical access to multiple data bases (the National Counterterrorism Center, for example, should be included in any calculation of the cost of idiocy, along with half or more of the cost of the Department of Homeland Security and half the cost of the Pentagon).   Then of course one has the complex cost of dereliction of duty across all the Cabinet functional areas.   Good people trapped in a bad system that is totally lacking in both intelligence and integrity.

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