John Steiner: Whither Fukushima? Whither the World Brain?

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John Steiner

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This 3 minute video was put together by Dan Villalva , a member of  the original Fukushima Response group, in Sonoma County, CA.  More groups are forming around the country, as Yastel Yamada and Tak Okamoto, of the Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima finish their tour of the US..

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Our group in the Bay Area has selected 3 goals:
1) Mobilizing an international effort to stabilize Fukushima now
2) Assessing and publicizing the impact of the disaster on California
3) Vigiling  Fridays in support of the Japanese people, who are turning out en masse every Friday to stop nuclear reactors in Japan.

If you want to start a group in your area, email me –

Peace, Carol Wolman

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