Marcus Aurelius: Venezuela Gearing Up to Repel US Invasion – Cover for Action for Cuba Invading US?

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Marcus Aurelius

Somehow, this sounds somewhat Noriega-esque.   Hugo's G-army, the territorial militias, could be a reprise of the pre-JUST CAUSE Panamanian ding-bats.) 

Venezuela plans a million strong ‘guerrilla army' against US invasion

Venezuela is training a “guerrilla army” aiming to be a million strong by 2013 to fight off a possible US invasion, an opposition MP has said.

“Plan Sucre” – apparently crafted with input from close ally and fellow US foe Cuba – covers the legal, logistical and other angles necessary to “transform a professional army into a guerrilla army,” Representative Maria Corina Machado told El Universal newspaper.

The former presidential candidate said she had obtained a copy of the plan, printed by an institution affiliated with the national army.

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“The strategic objective is to build a new Bolivarian military doctrine” that would prepare Venezuela to be successful in a prolonged popular war against “the empire,” or the United States, Machado said, citing the document.

“This is clearly a proposal with Cuban inspiration and advice.”

She said the military plan also provides for strengthening the guerrilla force at the expense of the regular army.

Read full article credited to AFP.

Phi Beta Iota:  If the US public had not been so easily manipulated into invading Iraq on the basis of 935 now-documented lies, and if the US public were not now so obviously comatose with respect to the two-party tyranny and the numerous crimes against humanity–both at home and abroad–of the current Administration, this story would be ridiculous.  However, when taking into consideration the corruption of the US Congress and the power of the military-industrial and financial terrorism conglomerates in the USA–absent any offsetting checks & balances–it is entirely plausible for the USA to arrange a false flag excuse for invadingVenezuela.  What is not clear is whether this is in fact a baited trap aimed at energizing CELAC and creating a South America “NATO” with Russian, Chinese, and Iranian military assistance.

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