Owl: Covert Plans for Banking Holiday – Move Your Money Now…

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Should the People Pull Their Money from the Banks While They Can?

“The biggest banks in the US have been given advisement by US regulators that they must make plans to stave off a complete financial collapse without relying on the US government. Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and other technocrats have secretly crafted worst-case scenarios in which they can continue to thrive during a full-blown domestic monetary crisis.”

This article offers many interesting items, including claims that the mega-banks have invested in DOD and security contractors such as DynCorp to protect the bankers when collapse comes, but the most interesting item comes from the end of this article, which talks about the real agenda to be implemented behind the new “Gauss” virus when its presence increases enough to significantly threaten the world banking system (my emphasis):

“Last week, Russian-based security firm, Kapersky Lab, uncovered a cyber-surveillance virus called Gauss that specifically targets banking transactions, stealing login information for social networks, email and instant messaging. Infected computer are mostly in the Middle East; however, CitiGroup Inc.’s Citibank and eBay’s Paypal online payment system have been affected. This virus’ focus on online banking makes it a potential threat to banking systems worldwide. Ever since the global fiat currency implosion that begun in 2008, the banking cartels have been propping up the American financial system to stave off a complete monetary collapse in the US. However, it has always been their intention to bring down the monetary system in America. Ironically, Gauss may be the mode in which they are able to carry this out. In the event that Gauss is used as an excuse to shut down the banking industry domestically to purge all computers of the virus, this would be the flashing red warning signal that the covert banking holiday has begun. Since all mega banks have resolution plans filed with the Fed, their insolvency would be superficial. Once all customer funds were electronically transferred into off-shore accounts, the specialized police forces and hired mercenaries would be stepped forward to protect the technocrats from retaliation for their crimes. Tactical manuals have already been written to explain how to lockdown urbanized centers in the event of a domestic insurrection. From law-enforcement battalions consisting of specialized Marine Corps military police to collaboration of a Police Stabilization Force, the resolution plans put forth by the mega-banks in conjunction with the DHS and the US Armed Forces preparatory measures, it is clear that when the monetary system in America finally does collapse, they will be prepared. Will you be?”

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