Gordon Duff: Mind Control, Lef-Right Myth, Re-Connecting to Reality + Meta-RECAP

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Gordon Duff

Mind Control and the “Left – Right” Paradigm

Veterans Today, 4 Sep 2012


Anyone with a realistic view would, as I have suggested before, vote in a powerful and charismatic leader, have the Supreme Court disbanded, disband congress, have a realistic constitution written, disband the Federal Reserve, fire 85% of our senior military, 50% of our Officer and NCO corps and reduce military spending by 80% immediately.

We would withdraw from the UN, from NATO, close bases overseas, stop all foreign aid, end all imports from slave labor nations and tax the living hell out of anything brought into the US.

All money that couldn’t be proven to have been made legally, industries that do not create jobs, actual work, would be declared “null and void.”

Most in prison would be released, some treated, sex criminals isolated, others given jobs and educations and forced to live like the rest of us, paying taxes and utility bills.

All public utilities would be seized and turned over to the government, oil companies nationalized, all defense industries nationalized, all drug industries put under continual supervision and forced to spend all profits on government bonds.

All educational institutions would face immediate closure for lying.  Mythology would no longer be taught as history.

Where there are lessons, even if Mormon and from Utah, community standards would be enforced.  Social standards for the raising of children would be debated and the effects of, not just the one parent family, but the war between men and women, one fed by the media, the courts and police, would come to an end.

America would be about real family values, not robbery, drugs, terrorism and religious leaders with a penchant for totalitarianism and dirty sex.

We don’t need political correctness, we need good manners.

We have become a nation of internet trolls, where the educated spend  years being taught lies, where the ignorant are taught to hate them for their stupidity, perhaps rightly so and everyone has learned to fear our government which is no longer one iota “ours.”

All of the ideas expressed are VERY conservative, totally disagree with the actions of the GOP and about a third of the Dems as well.

We work hard, support American investment, American industry, reinvestment in America and America only.

No money moves overseas, all money held overseas is either worthless or immediately repatriated.

We close our borders to immigration except where those coming in follow rules we agree on, we call those rules “laws.”

We eliminate the importation of illegal narcotics, control and legalize those that aren’t social threats and then work to minimize or eliminate those, along with cigarettes, abuse of alcohol, the use of gasoline, nuclear power and coal.

We end all pollution and clean up every mess made and punish anyone who thinks it is a “conservative right” to dump cancer causing solvents by the shipload into America’s water supply or to infect our food supply with genetically modified crops, meat filled with hormones and anti-biotics, are you getting the picture?

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Phi Beta Iota:  We value Gordon Duff's contributions as a window into a very big slice of the American soul.  While occasionally drawing questionable conclusions (C/JCS was NOT attacked by the Israeli cabal in Afghanistan), his global sources, his very rich life history, his network of contacts, all demand respectful ingestion and evaluation.  America is *very* angry right now–the federal government (all three branches) has limited authority and credibility.  Explosive violence is on the horizon now that it is clear Occupy and the Tea Party have been definitively sidelined and neutered.  While we believe that the fix is in for Obama, with Romney-Ryan as the McCain-Palin sideshow of the year, regardless of who “wins” that win will be illegitimate in every sense of the word–absent ballot access, electoral integrity, and the full participation of the public, the “consent of the governed” is no longer conveyed by a standard US “election.”

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