Yoda: India’s Economic Policy Change in Favor of Foreign Retailers and Foreign Ownership of Natural Resources

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Got Crowd? BE the Force!

Any country that can marshal 100 million protesters on a single call, or produce 2,000 suicides among debt-ridden farmers distraught by draught, is by definition a “crowd” economy that will not respond well to any repetition of the Industral-Era mistakes of the USA that rigged the system in favor of the few at the expense of the many. Below are multiple headlines, the most critical being – predictably but not dismissively – from the World Socialist Web Site.

India is a demographic power — the most complicated on the planet, with far more diversity (good) and religious or ethnic friction (bad) than any of the other demographic powers (Brazil, China, Indonesia, Russia).  Any policy that is inconsistent with the needs of the larger demographic base should be suspect.

India is opening up to investors who bring with them false money – money created by financial fraud against other publics – and false propositions, including the fiction that wealth for the many can be created by any form of top-down favoritism.  What India SHOULD be doing is rethinking public governance and true cost economics (especially water), connecting every citizen to the Internet with free hand-held devices (OpenBTS), and providing free education one cell call at a time via a mix of government call centers and the global diaspora.  Infinite wealth is achievable by India if it leverages the infinite energy and intelligence of its distributed public — there is not enough money on the planet to “invest” or “buy” growth on the scale that India needs to achieve.

All-India general strike against pro-investor “big bang” economic “reforms”

Strike over economic reforms shuts India

Skepticism and Caution Greet India’s New Policy on Retailers

What are the BJP’s alternatives to the government policies it bashes?

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