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Indonesia: One million on strike

Ted Sprague

Militan Indonesia, Tuesday, 09 October 2012

Amazing! There is no other word that can describe the situation on October 3. Workers all over Indonesia went on strike and took to the streets. This first national general strike in half a century truly raises expectations and hopes that it will be a turning point for the Indonesian labour movement.

More than 1 million workers struck in more than 20 districts and 80 industrial zones. Ports and industrial zones were blocked. Workers conducted factory “sweepings” to rally other workers to strike as well. (“Sweeping” is a recent militant tactic often used by Indonesian workers, whereby they go from factory to factory to rally other workers to strike, often forcing the owners to open the factory gates and stop productions).Where owners prevented their workers from joining the strike by closing the factory gates, masses of workers from outside took down those gates to liberate their brothers and sisters. The following short reports give a picture of the militancy of the workers and the dimension of this general strike.

Read full article reporting region by region.

Phi Beta Iota:  The strike is hyped by the source (a Marxist rag) but is never-the-less well worth noting.  Indonesia is one of the eight demographic challengers that will define the future regardless of what the US and EU do.  In our view, the big conflict with righteous goals is the conflict between labor and financiers who have bled the global economy dry, primarily through various forms of fraud that inflated financial instruments by 17 times (which physical assets inflated only five times), and then dumped everything on the individual stock holder who was lied to by brokers, and pension funds that should have known better.  There is no war between Islam and the West — the artifacts of this faux war are false flag artifacts, such as the Stanley Inc. exploitation of the Anti-Muhammad video “Innocence of the Muslims” and the co-incident secret intelligence incitements to riot, one of which resulted in the death of a US Ambassador.  Here is the key point: truth matters.  In the near and mid-term future, the truth is going to be on the side of labor, and against those who seek to incite religious antipathies.  Truth starts with true cost economics and the eradication of corruption, one transaction at a time.

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