Mini-Me: Web Hosting Firm ServerBeach Cannot Be Trusted…

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Who? Mini-Me?


How a single DMCA notice took down 1.45 million education blogs

Web hosting firm ServerBeach recently received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violation notice from Pearson, the well-known educational publishing company. The notice pertained to Edublogs, which hosts 1.45 million education-related blogs with ServerBeach, and it focused on a single Edublogs page from 2007 that contained a questionnaire copyrighted by Pearson. ServerBeach informed Edublogs about the alleged violation, and Edublogs says it quickly took down the allegedly infringing content.

Instead of calling the matter settled, though, ServerBeach took Edublogs’ servers offline last Wednesday, temporarily shutting off all 1.45 million blogs, according to Edublogs. ServerBeach confirms taking all of the Edublogs offline, telling Ars that the outage lasted for “roughly 60 minutes before we brought them back online and confirmed their compliance with the DMCA takedown request.”

As you might expect, ServerBeach and Edublogs have slightly different accounts of how it all happened.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The criminal insanity of how ServerBeach handled this matter should be broadcast widely.  We certainly would not trust any company so cavalier, so utterly oblivious to the unwarranted cost of their unbirdled actions.  This specific instance should be the poster child for why an Autonomous Internet is needed with multiple backups such that no one unprincipled moron can wreak such havoc.  ServerBeach – posterchild for how not to do business.

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