Tom Atlee: Webinar on Empowering Public Wisdom

Civil Society, Collective Intelligence
Tom Atlee

Empowering Public Wisdom with Tom Atlee

Tom Atlee, author of The Tao of Democracy, is on a mission to bring the citizen back into democracy through a simple and practical method. The co-director of The Co-Intelligence Institute in Eugene, Oregon, calls for the introduction of citizen councils that offer a platform for “collective intelligence.” This political pioneer shares his views in his new book, Empowering Public Wisdom, and with you in this engaging online seminar.


Date: October 18, 2012 (=October 19 for Dutch viewers due to timedifference)
Location: Online
Time: 5 pm-6:30pm PDT (02.00-3.30 for Dutch viewers)
Price: $10 (€10 for Dutch registrants)

FREE: Read major article.

FREE: 2009 TEDx by Tom Atlee (26:06)

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