Marcus Aurelius: New York Money Strikes Out at US Defense Budget

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Marcus Aurelius

Invite your attention to attached think-piece from one of  Washington think tanks.  BLUF:  Compendium of several approaches to screw over military Services, particularly Army and Marine Corps.  Retirees, particularly working age, also targeted.  AF, Navy, SOF, cyber favored.  Several 3-stars and 4-stars signed on to this thing; not supportive of former colleagues IMHO.

Peter Peterson Strikes Out at US Defense Budget

Phi Beta Iota:  The PDF above is actually entitled “A New US Defense Strategy for a New Era.”  The following individuals have signed the report: Gordon Adams, Graham Allison, Michael J. Bayer, General B. B. Bell, Richard K. Betts, Barry M. Blechman, Ambassador Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Jr., Ambassador Richard Burt, General Games Cartwright, Lieutenant General Daniel W. Christman, Lieutenant General David A. Deptula, Leslie H. Gleb, Jessica T. Mathews, Admiral Bill Owens, and Anne-Marie Slaughter.

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