J. C. Cole: Food & Fuel Crisis Looms in the USA

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In one of my first posts on Gray Swans I focused on food sustainability:

JC Cole: American Gray Swans USA 14 Feb 2019

Most Americans mistake “Food Production Volume” with “Food Security”. Obviously they are not the same. In America we have a substantial “Food Production Volume” but we have no “Food Security”. Food Security is “Food Production Volume” plus “Food Accessibility”. As stated earlier, our sophisticated “Just in Time Delivery” system is quite vulnerable. Think of it as a well tuned Swiss Watch. Just one hammer and it stops.

Below I also add our lack of refineries and vulnerability in relation to fuel.

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Consortium News: COVID-19: Prepared for the Wrong War [Never Mind the Fake Pandemic]

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COVID-19: Prepared for the Wrong War

Donald Trump, at his daily press conferences, repeatedly says no one would expect such a thing could ever occur.  Except that government studies predicted just such a thing.

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Mongoose: How NOT To Advise the President….

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Inside Jared Kushner’s coronavirus research: a wide net on a giant Facebook group

The president’s son-in-law and senior adviser takes a leading role in a variety of Trump challenges, this time responding to the escalating coronavirus outbreak.

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Zero Hedge: Waco, Deep State, and Left-Right Split

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The Siege Of Waco & The Deep State

Phi Beta Iota: Worthy of a very close read. Documents the degree to which the militarization of the police, and the degree to which the government is able to lie with impunity before and after it commits atrocities, have led to the “right” taking a stand against the Deep State.

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