Penguin: Jill Kelley, Lebanese (Honorary) Consul General, Facing Multiple Foreclosures, But Her Story Now Worth Millions….

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Who, Me?

She's a perfect access agent, but she does not seem to have been managed in that direction.

Jill Kelley requested ‘diplomatic protection' in 911 call

“You know, I don't know if by any chance, because I'm an honorary consul general, so I have inviolability, so they should not be able to cross my property.  I don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well,” she told the 911 dispatcher, who agreed to pass the information along to police.

Jill Kelley, Petraeus Whistleblower, Owes Millions In Debt: Report

Kelley, 37, and her husband Scott Kelley, a cancer surgeon in Tampa, Fla., have been sued at least nine times, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Despite their lavish lifestyle, they face foreclosure and massive amounts of debt, according to court documents.

Petraeus scandal: Jill Kelley ran a bogus cancer charity

While the origins of the seed money used to start the charity in 2007 are unclear, financial records reviewed by The Huffington Post reveal that the group spent all of its money not on research, but on parties, entertainment, travel and attorney fees.

CIA Sex Scandal: Petraeus Florida Rat Owes Millions!

There could be a good financial reason why Tampa socialite Jill Kelley blew the whistle on ex-CIA boss David Petraeus‘ affairwith his biographer.  The story of the sexy tattletale’s takedown of master spy Petraeus is now worth millions!

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