Stephen E. Arnold: Honk Focuses on Open Source Search

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Stephen E. Arnold

EXTRACT from today’s HONG (email only, not online or indexed by intent):

The big news is the emergence of open source search options. Until recently, open source search was not main stream. Today, open source search solutions are main stream. IBM relies on Lucene/Solr for some of its search functions. IBM also owns Web Fountain, STAIRS, iPhrase, Vivisimo, and the SPSS Clementine technology, among others. IBM is interesting because it has used open source search technology to reduce costs and tap into a source of developer talent. Attivio, a company which just raised $42 million in additional venture funding, relies on open source search.

We have completed an analysis of a dozen of the most interesting open source search vendors for a big time consulting firm. What struck the ArnoldIT research team was:


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