Worth a Look: Water Abundance & Resilient Strategies from John Robb

12 Water, Worth A Look
John Robb
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  • How climate change will actually impact you
  • What you can do to limit the impact of climate change on you and your community
  • The three things you need to begin capturing water
  • Eight principles of resilient water from “the Rainman”
  • Using swales and berms to control water flows
  • How to calculate how much water you will need and where you can get it
  • Nine simple water saving tips that are used in Australia
  • Details on the tools used to collect rainwater
  • A sample rainwater irrigation system, complete with pictures of each step in the process
  • Q&A with an innovative expert on how these tactics can be used to grow a local business
  • And most importantly…how easily a family of four can use these methods to have enough water to grow a large and bountiful garden

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