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What Cisco and Dell’s Cloupia and Gale acquisitions mean to the future of IT

Art Fewell

NetworkWorld, 20 November 2012

Its been a wild and crazy few years as the last of the client-server era norms clear out and new norms for the cloud era emerge. Last weeks grabs of Cloupia and Gale technologies was a brilliant counter to the increasing power of Microsoft and VMware and provides tremendous insight into the future of IT


Since it is that time of year, I will end this on an off-topic note … as we all prepare to take off for the holiday and share in giving thanks with our families, one thing I will be grateful for is the wild success that OPEN has had this year.  While we could look back and talk about the cloud and SDN or at the broader economic battles our civilization has faced … what has stood out to me about 2012 is the fact that the largest corporate behemoths in the world all were forced to embrace open technologies and industry landscapes were toppled by the power of open. MITx and Coursera launched massively available online courses giving away the best education in the world freely. We see massive open-source powered clusters driving the economics that today are making it possible to do things like devoting the resources of an entire supercomputer to pediatric cancer patients individually. And while all the change we face can give us a lot of heartburn and stress, I cant imagine anything greater than getting to witness and even take a small part in the amazing possibilities that technology is creating to solve the challenges that humanity faces in this world, and just to be able to live in this amazing time for the growth and evolution of humanity, for this I am truly thankful.

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