Berto Jongman: 54 Trends for 2013 + 20 IT Trends

Cultural Intelligence, IO Impotency
Berto Jongman

20 Information Technology Trends

01.  Rapid Growth of Big Data with High Speed Analytics; 02 Cloud Computing and Advanced Cloud Services; 03 On Demand Services including Hardware as a Service and Software as a Service; 04 Virtualization of Storage, Desktops, Applications, and Networking; 05 Consumerization of IT; 06 Gamification of Training & Education; 07 SOcial Business including Social Software and Social Search; 08 Smart Phones & Tables Become Primary Personal Computers with Mobile Web and Enterprise Mobility Strategy Becoming Mandatory; 09 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing); 10 Intelligence Electronic Agents; 11 Digital Signature Management including Next Generation Biometrics; 12 Visual Communications; 13 Enhanced Locational Awareness including Geo-Spacial Visualization; 14 Mobile Banking with Near Field Communications (NFC); 15 Smart TV Using Apps; 16 Multiple App Stores and Business App Stores; 17 3D Displays for Smart Phones and Tablets; 18 eBooks, eNewspapers, eMagazines and Interactive Multimedia eTextbooks; 19 Advanced Automation and Robotics; 20 Machine-to-Machine Communications.  Read one paragraph for each of the above.

54 Trends in 18 Categories for 2013 (Now, Next, Future)

ART (New Aesthetic, Bioism, Artist as Data Interpreter); BEAUTY (Microbal Beauty, Camera Ready, Do It Yourself Plastic Surgery); BOOKS (Self-Made Celebrities; Real-Time Remix, Connected Paper); DESIGN (Rematerializing, The New Kinko's, Transformative Design); EDUCATION (Technological Divide, Digital Education, Sliding Scale University); FASHION (Magic Mirrors, Tailor on Demand, Invisibility); FINANCE (Patchwork Nation, The Sharing Economy, Virtual Goods Exchange); FOOD (Automat 2.0, GMO Food Fight, The New Speakeasy); GAMING (Digitized Reality, Gaming as Sport, Open Source Revolution); HEALTHY LIVING (Ancient Fitness, Quantified Health, The Ikarian Diet); INTERNET CULTURE (Memes Inspiring Culture, Effortless Content, Gesturecon); MOVIES (Luxury Theaters, 4D Experience, Immersive Cinema); MUSIC (Collaborative Creation, Artist as Entrepreneur, Hackstruments); SCIENCE (The Microbiome, Elective Bionic Surgury, Handmade Humans); SPIRITUALLY (Explosion of Conscious Media, Rise of the Non-Religious, Artificial Soul); SPORTS (Athlete Entrepreneuring, The Digital Stadium, Safety Technology); TECHNOLOGY (Automated Life, Ambient Documentation, Socially Aware Robots); TRAVEL (2013: A Space Odessey, Armchair Exploration, Personal Vehicles).  Read one paragraph for each of the above.

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