Chuck Spinney: Patrick Seale on The Kurds Seizing the Day

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Chuck Spinney
Chuck Spinney

FYI … Another excellent report by Patrick Seale.

The Kurds Seize Their Chance

by Patrick Seale

Agence Global 25 Dec 2012

Many Kurds have come to believe that the present prolonged turmoil in the Middle East — in Syria and Iraq and, to a lesser extent, in Iran and Turkey — is giving them their best chance of self-determination in modern times. They are determined to seize it. It could be that the map of the region is being redrawn before our eyes.

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is a no-brainer for anyone with intelligence and integrity.  The artificial boundaries imposed by centuries of empire are collapsing, in part because they are unaffordable to maintain, in part because Epoch B has begun and the world is reverting to the pre-empire eras where indigenous peoples in close harmony with nature established natural boundaries over the course of centuries.  The US Government, nominally led in foreign affairs by the Department of State, is ignorant and arrogant.  It has the temerity to believe that it can a) know better and b) impose its ignorant arrogant will on others.  Those days are over.  What we should be doing is striving to offer all dictators an exit strategy as Ambassador Mark Palmer (our choice for Undersecretary of Public Diplomacy) has been recommending, getting serious about self-determination, and butting out of the internal affairs of others.

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