Gold Transformer: Three Wild-Ass Brain and Soul Teasers

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
Gold Transformer
Gold Transformer

From the alternative reality group, three brain stretchers…..note how ethics is the key to quantum leap.

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Extra-Dimensional and Extra-Terrestial Existences


Stellar Evolution is Backwards!

In Reciprocal System (RS) physics, Larson comes up with a better structure for the atom, based on the concept of scalar motion, and as a natural consequence of that structure determines two “destructive limits” for atoms: a thermal limit and an age limit. The thermal limit is the common limit used in thermo-nuclear reactions, but the age limit is unknown to conventional science and concerns the capture of charged, electron neutrinos by the atom that create isotopic mass.7 When the age limit is reached,8 an element becomes radioactive and explodes. When Larson applied those concepts to astronomy, he found a different mechanism for stellar combustion based on those limits. Combustion is based on exploding atoms—fission, not fusion—and that led to

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When you consider these consequences from a corrected stellar evolution, one conclusion is obvious: global warming is not due to flatulent cows, but to the fact the sun is getting hotter, and will continue to get hotter.

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In my opinion, this solar transition is the “harvest” or “ascension” to a new state for life on Earth—not just man—all life on Earth. All the physical properties get “kicked up a notch,” as Emeril would say, commonly known as a “higher density” or a “higher dimension.”

Geoengineering and GMOs

The globalists have always profited on the pain and suffering of others, and this is no exception. They did not bother to put much research into the “side effects” of dumping millions of pounds of these elements in the atmosphere—they only considered the immediate need to protect from the solar transition and figured they could take care of the side effects later on. But here was a major opportunity in the form of disasters, pain and suffering.

A couple of the major side-effects were drought and superstorms. One cannot tip the seesaw, without having extremes.

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Like almost every aspect in our society, it still comes down to a “natural” versus “artificial” condition, whether it be a natural person versus an artificial, “corporate” person, real money versus fiat currency, or a natural, evolutionary world versus an artificial, 3D slave society.


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Somewhere along the line, that which is true is being made to appear false, because that which is false is accepted as truth.—Dewey Larson

By definition, the unexpected corner cannot be turned by any operation that is planned.

The more complete understanding of physical existence opens the door to an exploration of existence as a whole, including those nonphysical areas that have hitherto had to be left to religion and related branches of thought. It is now evident that our familiar material world is not the whole of existence, as modem science would have us believe. It is only a part—perhaps a very small part—of a greater whole.


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To understand the concept of density, keep in mind the reciprocal relation between space and time: it is like a seesaw, more time, less space. As consciousness begins to expand into the temporal dimensions, it appears to compress and become more dense, in a spatial sense. But the physical dimensions remain fixed, due to the coordinate space they exist in, so what happens is you get a significantly higher amount of “whatever”7 in the same amount of space. More stuff in the same space equals the physical concept of higher density.

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Consider the implications of a telepathic species. First, no privacy, so no secrets. No secrets, no hidden agendas—everything is out in the open. With no hidden agendas, a peaceful existence results from working towards common, evolutionary goals. Cooperation that is based on rapport, not the competition of rivalry.27 This type of telepathic network in the 4th density is known as a social memory complex, or SMC.
Unlike the 2nd density counterpart of the group mind, the 4th density social memory complex retains the individuality of its members, including unique personalities and unique skills.

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Holocam: short for “holographic camouflage,” a device used to place a false image around something, using holographic technology. This works well for sight, cameras and video, but is revealed by touch—the hologram has no atomic substance, so you cannot physically touch the image. Projections are usually very close to the shape and size of the actual structure, to minimize this realization upon accidental contact. Holocam will also show up using infrared cameras, because the heat pattern will not match the visible pattern.

Invisibility: There are three techniques40 that can make an entity invisible:

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When we learn to be good neighbors, those extraterrestrial neighbors will invite us over to tea, and even send their chauffeur-driven saucer to pick us up. We need to learn to live in rapport with nature and our neighbors, then everyone and everything benefits. It is just that simple.

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