Berto Jongman: US Government Warns Over Vulnerable Control Systems Exactly Nighteen Years After Air War College, Winn Schwartau & Others Write to White House

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

US government warns over vulnerable control systems

The US government has told thousands of companies to beef up protection of computers which oversee power plants and other utilities.

The action comes after a survey revealed that thousands of these systems can be found online.

The survey was carried out via a publicly available search engine that pinpointed computers controlling critical infrastructure.

In total, the survey uncovered more than 500,000 potential targets.

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Phi Beta Iota:  How does one define treason?  Since the early 1970's the US Government at the political level has been corrupt to the bone and undoing the two decades of prosperity that followed WWII.  A corrupt Congress and a series of corrupt Executives staffed by two corrupt political parties that have dismantled American democracy and that exclude just over half the public from having a meaningful vote, have been deregulating, blocking investigations, lying to the public, and generally doing whatever it takes to earn a 5% kick-back from special interests while consistently betraying the public trust.  In relation to cyber-security, Winn Schwartau is still the original, joined by Peter Black and a few others, and the 1994 letter that was sent to Marty Harris at the National Information Infrastructure (NII) is still a matter of record (below).    The time has come for public counterintelligence that can out every treasonous decision by every ostensibly public official on both the legislative and executive sides of the house.  The US Civil War of the 21st Century has begun.  It will be an information war, with Sandy Hook at the Bunker Hill wake-up call.  A government that lies to its public is committing mass atrocities, day after day after day.

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