David Isenberg: Greg Treverton on Intelligence Reform in the USA — Garbage In, Garbage Out

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David Isenberg
David Isenberg

Intelligence Gathering and Reform: The Case of the United States

According to Gregory Treverton, US intelligence reform remains a work in progress. While reorienting the FBI and creating the National Counterterrorism Center represent progress, establishing the Department of Homeland Security and the position of Director of National Intelligence do not.

By Gregory Treverton for the ISN

Reshaping the FBI
Creating the DNI
DHS and “Information Sharing”

Real full article.

Phi Beta Iota:  The article is a sad mix of fluff and repressed criticism.  There has been no substantive improvement in US intelligence, only a doubling of the budget and a doubling of the number of useless senior executives who have no idea how to actually “do” decision support in the public interest.  The day will come when the US cannot afford to be without intelligence and integrity.  Until that day comes, the US IC will remain 96% fraud, waste, and abuse.

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