Graphic: US Intelligence Six Fundamental Failures Over 25 Years – $1.25 Trillion

Balance, Capabilities-Force Structure, Corruption, ICT-IT, Reform, Strategy-Holistic Coherence, Threats, True Cost
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Figure 5, Chapter 1, INTELLIGENCE with INTEGRITY: Enabling Hybrid Public Governance with Open-Source Decision-Support (Earth Intelligence Network, forthcoming 2013)

Six Challenges as Identified in Robert Steele (1990), “Intelligence Challenges in the 1990's: Recasting National Security in a Changing World,” American Intelligence Journal (Summer/Fall).  The problems were observed and raised at the service and DoD and IC levels from 1988 onwards.  Despite claims to the contrary, the raw fact is that a secession of “leaders” have betrayed the public trust and failed to act on the most obvious of clear-cut recommendations from 1988 onwards.

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