Rickard Falkvinge: 25,000 Sign Petition to Fire Aaron Swartz’ Prosecutor

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Rickard Falkvinge
Rickard Falkvinge

Petition To Fire Aaron Swartz’ Prosecutor Reaches Goal

Activism: Early Tuesday morning, the petition to the U.S. Administration to fire Carmen Ortiz reached the prerequisite 25,000 signatures. Carmen Ortiz was the prosecutor that drove the prosecution against Aaron Swartz, which many mean contributed or led to his tragic suicide. The U.S. Administration, by its own rules, must now take the petition seriously and respond to it.

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Phi Betas Iota:  The public is now testing what the Internet makes possible, the visible demonstration of great public anger over specific public policies and encraochments.  When this fails, vigilante justice as the public sees fit, is likely to occur.  The US government at the federal, state, and local levels does not seem to understand just how precarious the situation is.  Government is out of control, corrupt to the bone, and oblvious to the reality that its sheep are turning into wolves — a human variation of the experiment where the rats start eating each other once certain levels of crowding occur.  A science fiction story was written about such a situation, in which a town arrested and killed a motorcycle rider that was a cult hero.   The town ended up being bought, razed to the ground, and salt sown into that ground.  Underestimate the public at your own peril.

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