Stuart Umpleby: “Ambidextrous Organization”

Stuart Umpleby
Stuart Umpleby

Interesting term: “ambidextrous organization.”

It seems the basic idea is an organization that can both produce a current product and create the next product.  In the 9 page wikipedia article there is no mention of Stafford Beer’s work on management cybernetics and the Viable System Model.

Beer’s Viable System Model (VSM) lies at the heart of the St. Gallen Management Model, which I have described earlier.  The advantage of the VSM and cybernetics is that they have a large and well-developed theoretical and philosophical literature, including both ethics and the philosophy of science.  The idea of an ambidextrous organization seems to be a good example of how ideas are sometimes reinvented.  Perhaps at a future conference we could bring together those who are developing the idea of an ambidextrous organization and those who have been working with the VSM.  This might be one way of introducing European styles of thought to GWSB and perhaps AOM.  I think an article connecting these two literatures would be a good project for a doctoral student.

Phi Beta Iota:  We are reminded of Abduction and Gifford Pinchot’s Intrapreneurship, as well as Robert Steele’s iteimization of Information Pathologies, including Forgotten Knowledge and Fragmented Knowledge.

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