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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

A big problem in sharing even excellent, well-sourced information on the theme of pedophiles occupying the highest ranks of organizations, whether they be corporate, governmental or even religious, is not the sense of incredulity such information usually provokes in typically asleep middle-class readers who have lived relatively protected, cocooned existences oblivious to the innumerable black undersides of what some call reality.  That's to be expected from those who live in middle-class cocoons.  The real difficulty is in examining and sharing information on practices that are unarguably loathsome, depraved, vile, degenerate and in essence evil, and done by people we look upon as our highest and most respectable leaders. It's easy to accuse someone of evil, and it is insufficient by itself to do so. One has to provide evidence, and providing evidence entails describing something ineffably malign and almost unutterable in its horror – that's hard to do, by comparison, because except for those with a strong appetite or attraction to very, very dark things, a minority, no one else, understandably, wants to look at such things. People flee from what repels them, and what is more repellent than pederasts, especially those who have great power and privilege?

This undoubtedly largely has to do with living in a dominantly secular age. The influence of those who don't believe in a Divine Order or God is pervasive enough to compel the masses to assume the flip side: to take for granted there is no Devil, no source of deep, abiding non-human evil. Anything conveyed about people and their practices that smacks of a quality or degree of evil that puts the smug assumptions of modernity into doubt, that makes the Satanic much more plausible despite the stubborn persistence of modernity's assumptions about good and evil, is an object of terror and revulsion to the degree that modernity's values has descended into people's hearts and minds.  Not that religious “authorities” can be counted on to protect innocent children. Note the Catholic Church's endless calls to stop abortion, which victimizes innocent children, they say, which is all well and good, but its compulsive, monotonic repetition of this meme seems to be a sign of a compensatory spilling-out of a guilty conscience for having permitted and protected the many pederast priests in its midst. They seem to ignore the more concrete or real crime in exchange for protesting the more abstract one when it comes to their most repeated phrase: innocent children. This happens likely because the real crime is done by their very own, at the center of power and control in the Church, by priests and their bishops.

For these and other reasons, getting the message out about pedophiles who are very powerful is more challenging and daunting than getting out information on any other category of crimes performed by members of the Elite. Yet the task should be done, if only as a microscopic, belated effort to help get some chance of justice for the countless and truly innocent children victimized and even tortured and killed by pederasts, especially those in the highest places, plus to help prevent new such crimes by the high and mighty especially.

One of the best articles to chronicle pederasty in high places is at this link:

The “Suiciding” of Pedophile Investigators

This article gives some attention to the likely murder of investigators. But it is valuable for showing with high plausibility the connections between real power and pederasty. While it starts off sensationally posing the possibility that Aaron Swartz was killed because he was looking into parts of MIT involved in sex trafficing, yet providing no evidence for this hypothesis, it quickly moves to the subject of football coach/convicted pederast Jerry Sandusky. It turns out that Centre County’s District Attorney, Ray Gricar, who was informed about Sandusky's molesting of a child in 1999, decided not to press charges, even the though there was solid evidence. By 2005, this hitherto ignored case, plus others, resurfaced, and Gricar began investigating. He did not get very far, as he ended up missing and presumeably dead. What is really interesting in this article is what it says about the foundation Sandusky's founded, “Second Mile Foundation,” which became the front by which Sandusky procured children on behalf of the Pennsylvania Elite. “The board members of the Second Mile Foundation have not exactly been forthcoming with evidence against Sandusky during the trial process. These same board members have not uniformly disavowed the actions of the Sandusky created entity which was responsible for pimping out children. The board members have not totally disavowed the organization’s complicity in these heinous crimes by resigning.”  It names the names of the board members, also.  He then poses a question that should make those defending the status quo squirm: “Do the above mentioned board members of The Second Mile Foundation expect a naive public that from 1977 to 2011, that absolutely no Second Mile official, nobody at all, except for the abused children and Sandusky, had any knowledge of the abuse? Keep in mind that these young victims were pimped out in broad daylight.” The article proceeds to the “suiciding” of Carole Kasir, in the UK, who was checking into a pederast ring located at the Elm St Guest House in London. Again, the shadows of Power furtively emerge here too: “One source is said to have suggested that Anthony Blunt, who was the former Keeper of the Queen’s Pictures and a former Soviet spy, used to go to the illicit parties at the guest houses and participated in snuff films. Subsequently, detectives launched a probe, codenamed “Operation Fernbridge”, in which they obtained a list of ‘prominent people’ who allegedly stayed at the guest house in the 1980's.” Coming back to America, the article focuses on former Georgia State Senator, Nancy Schaefer, who, along with her husband died under mysterious circumstances in 2010, was an outspoken opponent of Child Protective Services (CPS).  Schaefer authored an investigation in which, among other findings, revealed that  that the state's child protective services functioned as a veritable funnel for collecting children for pederasts. “In this document, Schaefer makes it clear that organizations, such as The Second Mile, procure their underage victims by making children wards of the State. CPS has unchecked legal authority to remove children, with or without cause. Subsequently, CPS and their partners, the corrupt juvenile court judges can place these children wherever they see fit (e.g. The Franklin House, Boys Town, Elm House, The Second Mile Foundation) where unimaginable horrors take place.” The article goes back to Europe, discussing the Zionist connections to pedo rings in France and Belgium, focusing on the very notorious Marc Dutroux. And it says England has more to claim as a haven for highly-placed pederasts: “Great Britain is a key link in the biggest ever international investigation into the production and supply of pedophile snuff films in which children are murdered on film after being sexually abused. The investigation includes many snuff films obtained from many countries across Europe with the origins coming out Russian and Israel. The most shocking category  of sex and snuff films made was code-named ‘Necros Pedo’ in which children were raped and tortured until they died.” And there is more about UK and US connections to, powerful pedos: “Brandon Turbeville successfully linked proven British pedophile Jimmy Savile to Prince Charles. As previously stated, George H. W. Bush has been accused of participating in these heinous actions. Of course there is the Franklin Scandal and on and on and on.” The article shows a picture of Prince Charles with Jimmy Savile.

The next noteworthy article concerning pederasts in very high places is this:

Dutch Pedophile Exposer to Stand Trial, High-Ranking Pedophile Still Walking Free

This article scrutinizes the case and findings of Micha Kat, a kind of Dutch Alex Jones who spotlights the unsavory or illegal activities of the Dutch monarchy, Dutch Elite and Bilderbergers. His information, shared with the public, has put him on trial for insulting the Dutch monarchy, plus various trumped-up charges, as he has shown involvement of the Dutch royal family with known pederasts. (As of mid-December the trial has been post-poned.) This articleis is especially pertinent now because the elderly Dutch queen has abdicated her throne in the last few days. What is really of interest in this article is a long, detailed expose of the life of Joris Demmink, and the ongoing coverup of his crimes by the Dutch media.  The reason this is so compelling is Demmink held, until very recently (he retired Nov 1, 2012), the job of “Secretary-General of the Ministry of Security and Justice,” sort of like the Attorney General of the US, except in this case, he was the Head Cop of the Netherlands, a very high-level and homosexual cop involved in an unimaginably sordid life of illicit sex, child pornography and likely murder of children. “During the week of his retirement, Demmink's crimes finally caught some international media attention. The American Spector's Peter Hannaford published an article on the case saying:  In the Jerry Sandusky case Penn State officials closed their ears for years to rumors about his behavior. In the Netherlands, the alleged pedophile Joris Demmink, Secretary-General of the Dutch Ministry of Justice, has had a close friend thwart official investigations into his behavior. That friend? Himself. This cozy arrangement may be about to come to an end. CBN News broadcast some of the testimonies of Demmink's victims to a Capitol Hill audience on October 26.”

Another dark highlight of Demmink's incredibly sordid life was his apparent involvement and presence at a ritual rape and murder May 1, 1999 – the day after the Dutch Queen's Day celebration – of 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra. “Micha Kat again came forward as a pioneer of truth when he had the courage to publicly relate the Vaatstra murder with a member of the Dutch royal family: the controversial prince Johan Friso who has been notably accompanied by Demmink during both official and unofficial events.” Friso is a son of the recently abdicated Dutch queen, and his connection to then royal family was formally severed due to his marriage to a woman who was involved with the Netherlands top drug lord, who was shot dead in broad daylight.  “Marianne Vaatstra was killed in the night from 30 April to 1 May, which wasn't only the night after Queen's Day – that night is also known as Walpurgis Night in large parts of Central and Northern Europe. Moreover, it was full moon during the night of the murder. Kat exposed the direct relationship between the worshipping of Satan and child sacrifice during Walpurgis Night and what he considers as the ritual murder of Vaatstra, and has stated that Friso may have been the one who ordered “the killing of a virgin during Walpurgis Night” in a Satanic ritual. Kat bases his statement on the testimony of a “super witness” who has declared that Prince Friso was the instigator of the sacrifice of Marianne Vaatstra and that many “officials” were present during the satanic event.” There much more in this article, too much to add here, plus links to many videos.

Phi Beta Iota:  We never gave this much thought beyond knowing the Catholic Church was both filled with pervert priests and actively covering up their crimes against humanity.  Now we are seeing much more — many more signals — that with great wealth and great financial crime come a sense of privilege that evidently elevates pedophilia to a “pure” privilege of wealthy white men and their celebrity/sport friends.  We have no direct knowledge, but suspect this is a story waiting to break.  It is also becoming clear that state employees charged with protecting children are more often than not corrupted to the point that they traffic in children and profit through the sale of children that are “state property.”  It is also clear that the FBI and local law enforcement are complicit with the wide-spread “privilege” of pedophilia.  At a more strategic level, one that reaches across the various false flag attacks and all the way to 9/11, is the deep hubris — the Satanic combination of ignorance and arrogance that enables and entire class of people to consider themselves so all-powerful, and others to be so beneath contempt, commoditized, and “non-human,” as to find not just pedophilia but snuff films and other forms of torture upon others to be their right — their “privilege.”  The domestic enemies of the Constitution and the Republic are vastly more powerful, more pervasive, and more pathologically subversive of the public good than any combination of external enemies.  Until the public realizes this, the public will continue to be the victim of this cult of endowed privilege


Level 1:  Elites physically abusing and killing children, deeply organized, children delivered on demand, with law enforcement complicity including the drawing of children who are wards of the state into the child slave pool managed for the pleasure of the elites.

Level 2:  Non-elite individuals and small groups of collaborators who share images and generally operate in fear of the law.  Busted when found.

Level 3:  Managers of web sites who serve thousands if not tends of thousands worldwide, whose pedophile tendencies are nurtured and inflamed by the web.  Worthy of international collaboration among law enforcement agencies from different countries

Level 4:  Voyeurs of pedophile imagery, including snuff films, who do not cross the line into direct physical contact with children.

Level 5:  YouTube and other social media sites — but YouTube especially — s are clearly collaborating with the elite pedophile network — virtually every posted YouTube has been removed with specious claims of copyright infringement.  Note also how very few of the printed reports below are from mainstram media.  There is a conspiracy of silence among so-called “legitimate” businesses that is criminal in its nature.

NOTE:  Since it is obvious that this topic is generally taboo for mainstream media, we welcome searches (anonymous) or direct email flagging items that can be added to this single source page over time.  The edition number at the end of the headline will signal updates.

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