Yoda: Best Video of and Best Article on Chuck Hagel

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Got Crowd? BE the Force!
Got Crowd? BE the Force!

Honest, he is….

‘Before this is over, you might see calls for his impeachment.’

A multimedia exploration of Chuck Hagel’s historic moment, and what it means for a declining presidency. Read the story. See the videos. Watch history happen.


He’s out of patience with the young cheerleaders of this war, the chickenhawks at places like The Weekly Standard who once called him part of an “axis of appeasement.” He is out of patience with think-tank cowboys and talk-show Napoleons. “I’m always taken aback by that certain cavalier manner, not connecting at all with that human loss,” he says. “I do think of those guys, kicking doors down, walking target practice for snipers.

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On January 24, 2007, Sen. Chuck Hagel spoke about the war in Iraq. Watch the 8 minutes and 21 seconds that rocked Congress. Via YouTube.com.

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