Reference: Army Strategic Planning Guidance (2013)

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PDF 21 pages: 2013 Army Strategic Planning Guidance

Phi Beta Iota:   All buzz words, no specifics.

We are reminded that much of this is precisely what the US Marine Corps tried to tell the Secretary of Defense in 1992.  The Services — and OSD — are once again 20 years behind the planning and programming curve.  Understandably absent from this document are all matters of mobility, communications, intelligence, and air support.  The plain fact is that this document is devoid of value absent a Secretary of Defense able to demand and insert coherence across the whole.  A huge part of the problem is that DoD does not have access to constructive coherent intelligence (decision-support) that is relevant to multi-service and multi-national strategy, policy, acquisition, and whole of government as well as eight tribe M4IS2 operations.

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