Berto Jongman: Video Evidence 9/11 Attack Vehicles Were USG Controlled Drones

07 Other Atrocities, 9-11 Online Video

Being viewed in Europe.  There seems to be more interest in 9/11 evidence.  Many comments with links at the YouTube page for the video.

Phi Beta Iota: What we find interesting is that folks are really starting to piece together the details of who was where when. Dave Cohen for example, the CIA officer who was appointed to the NYPD immediately after 9/11, working for AIG, one of the certain co-conspirators in 9/11, following his resignation from the CIA — in other words, he was present in the final stages of the execution of 9/11.  No one has done a proper investigation of 9/11  —  that simple fact is an indictment of the NYC, NY, and US Governments.  The drones were for make-believe — all the explosives were pre-installed inside, and particularly across the AIG floor.  The big lie continues.

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