John Maguire: Blowback or Criminal Insanity? Ockham’s Razor Applied

Cultural Intelligence

maguireFrom the article: “In the arsenal of eternal skeptics there are few tools more dramatically and more commonly used than Ockham’s razor. It is triumphantly applied to resolve arguments about ghosts (more parsimoniously seen as misperceptions by distraught family members or the suggestible), UFOs (evidently hoaxes and mistaken observations of natural phenomena) and telepathy (a “delusion” of wishful thinking and poorly-constructed tests).”

Taking Vallee's point a step further, such truncated-reasoning is also used to dismiss “Conspiracy Theories”. False-Flag Terror and Manufactured International Strife are simply labeled as ‘Blowback', and the true perpetrators/complicit actors within one's own government and world power structures are simply labeled as ‘Incompetent' instead of ‘Criminal'.

What Ockham really said

Jacques Vallee

BoingBoing, Mon, Feb 11

Phi Beta Iota:  We had never before considered the possibility that several Americans allegedly beheaded by terrorist groups might in fact have been beheaded by Americans carrying out deep covert operations to create specific public perceptions.  Today, sadly, the evidence is mounting that this is precisely what happened.  What Americans, and to what degree the highest levels of the US Government ordered, condoned, and/or covered up these atrocities, remains to be clarified for the public.  Chalmers Johnson is justly famous for his book Blowback as well as his later classic, Sorrows of Empire, but one now has to contemplate, in light of what has been learned about Ed Lansdale and the Secret Team (today the dual chain of command), the very real possibilities that we are not in search of enemies, we are the enemy, creating false flag enemies of convenience.  That is certainly treason, but who is in a position to hold traitors accountable?

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