Dolphin: Intelligence Reform? Not Here, Not Now…

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Some odds and ends, quick reads.

2013  Incomplete Intelligence Reform: Why the US Intelligence Community Needs an Empowered DNI  Michael Rettig in Diplomatic Courier (12 February 2013)

Bottom line:  DNI has been neutered from day one — no budget authority, no operational authority, a staff of over a thousand promoted beyond their abilities.

2012  The Next Four Years: Intelligence Community Reform – Refining not Rebooting  Frank B. Strickland in IBM Business of Government Blog (18 October 2012)

2012  A Personal Perspective The Evolution of Intelligence Reform, 2002–2004 Phillip Zelikow in Studies in Intelligence (17 October 2012)

Amid all the particular issues, what stood out was the emphasis both Rice and Hadley placed—with support from others—on integrating intelligence, on a fusion of information available to all.

Claims the reforms have improved management, bridged the fault line between foreign and domestic, improved the integration of major analytic assessments, and made the National Counterterrorism Center an important innovation.

2012  Reforming Intelligence vs.Intelligent Reforms  Zenpundit (5 December 2012)

Worth reading.  First comment by J. Scott Shippman:  The IC should consider themselves in good company, as no one in DC is held accountable, and adults seem to be an endangered species.

2011  Intelligence Reform and Integration since 9/11  David Shedd at The Washington Institute (7 November 2011)

2011  The State of FBI Intelligence Reform Ten Years After 9/11 Robert S. Mueller III Testimony to HPSCI (6 October 2011)

2011  9/11 Lessons: Intelligence Reform  Richard Betts, Council on Foreign Relations (26 August 2011)

2010  The State of the Craft: Is Intelligence Reform Working?  Mike Hayden in World Affairs (September/October 2010)

2010  Intelligence Reform After Five Years: The Role of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI)  Richard A. Best, Jr., CRS Report for Congress, 22 June 2010

2010  Why Intelligence Reform Has Failed  Matthew Harwood Security Management (6 April 2010)

2010  Neary on where the Office of the Director of National Intelligence went wrong Walter Pincus in Washington Post (6 April 2010)

2010  Intelligence Reform, 2001–2009: Requiescat in Pace?  Patrick C. Neary in Studies in Intelligence (29 March 2010)

Rather than the engine of change, the ODNI became the fulcrum of competing notions of reform, devolving to something larger but only a little better than the CMS it replaced.

The final nail in the coffin of intelligence reform as it was envisaged in 2004 was the failure at several levels of leadership to hold intelligence officers accountable for their performance and behavior.

2009  Intelligence Reform Memorandum Harvard University Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs (July 2009)

2009  Making Intelligence Reform Work  Gordon Lederman in American Interest (March/April 2009)

2008  An Intelligence Reform Reality Check  Jack Devine in Washington Post (18 February 2008)

2006  Intelligence Reform: The Logic of Information Sharing  US Berkeley School of Information (Advisor AnnaLee Saxenian)

It critiques the logic of information sharing, highlighting problems of interpretation and sense-making that have not been fully addressed in the rush to implement a culture of sharing.  To address these problems, the paper suggests improving the environment of analysis by diversifying tools of interpretation and cultivating connectivity in ways that support innovation and sense-making.

2006  Why Can't the US Have Its Own MI5?  CSIS White Paper

2005  The Limits of Intelligence Reform  Helen Pessenden, Foreign Affairs (November/December 2005)

2004  Intelligence Reform Overview  CSIS White Paper

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