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ON GOOD GAYS AND BAD GAYS.  This is  going to be controversial.  We distinguish between normal gays who want to come out and be accepted as loving members of society, and sado-masochistic neo-Nazi gays who consider themselves above the law and desperately want to remain in the closet.  Our views are well summarized by Robert Steele in his short commentary at Review: The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party.  Our focus is on restoring intelligence with integrity to every element of society.  In no way do we seek to diminish the human rights, spirituality, and general goodness of the openly gay community, nor do we equate being gay with rejecting God [however, the “existentialist” neo-Nazi sadistic gays do reject God as well as the rule of law].  We are not pursuing this story — it is up to the US military and the majority of the good people in the US military, to clean their own house.  This is simply our effort to make this an issue that can no longer be ignored.

Kay Griggs: Colonel’s Wife Tell-All Interview 4-part Series Uncut Original Videos- Part 1

“They get rid of the good guys. The Marine Corps are the assassins for the Mob. The military is run by the Mob. The military IS the Mob.”  … ” They took with them the most perverted aspects of Nazi Germany and brought them over to the United States.”  — Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works

Warning Notice:  There is a clash of civilizations throughout.  Kay Griggs is a deeply Christian woman who married a Marine Corps Colonel that was bi-sexual, a drunk, and a special operator in a clique heavily engaged in illegal and false flag operations.  Some of what she takes to be part of the total libertine covertly homosexual society is “normal” global male licentiousness — competing interpretations of “Tailhook” are a good example.  At root, however, this appears to be the single best expose of the intersection of elite pedophilia, Army/Marine Corps illegal and false flag activities, and the corruption of the Army/Marine Corps flag officer corps.

New Teestimonial:  My older brother REDACTED was a member of Cap and Gown at Princeton…graduated [1950's], can't remember.  Also a “perfect” specimen of aryan descent.  Tall, blonde, brilliant and handsome.  While he was at Princeton a church minister requested sperm from him for insemination, supposedly.  His PhD Thesis REDACTED.  Later he and 6 or 7 other scientists invented the first camera to take pictures of earth from outer space.  He once said to  me that he hoped it would be used for “good” purposes.  In his last years he had a bumper sticker on his car that read “Question Authority”.  He drowned in 1992 in 25 feet of water scuba diving off the Channel Islands….if you have ever scuba dived, as I have, you know how almost impossible this is.  The 6 others died strange deaths also.  He told me in 1990 that he and his room mates were all “controlled” at Princeton and he had never found a way to get free…..

UPDATE 2:  From a world-class journalist in the national security arena:  My first reaction to this interview was that it had to be contrived.  But the deeper I got into the interview, which is quite long, the more I found it hard to toss off.  It is appalling.  It names names, and reveals connections in the American hierarchy from Skull & Bones to high-level Masons, that are as intricate as those in the Vatican and one aspect of the Catholic Church (child abuse) that has been proven true in recent years, to the Vatican's everlasting shame.  So why should this interview be tossed off.  Too much of it rings true to anyone who has spent time in Washington as a journalist, as I have, and has investigated conspiracy as Jim Marrs and others have.  This is talking about the same clique of hierarchy that we associate with the false flag operation of 9/11, and many other covert black ops.  It's too complex to be a deliberate slam job on the generals. Nobody could contrive something this complex — and altogether too believable — or he'd be making millions writing pot boilers like Tom Clancy. What clinched it for me is that years ago I was told by someone who attended one of those secretive faun gatherings in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, where everybody runs around naked, and claimed he saw Baby Bush engaged in sodomy.  Thirty years have passed since I was told that, and here it is again, being recounted by the wife of a Marine Corps colonel, who talked about all this during his drunken binges.  Now he's vanished.  I don't need to prove it's true. Disbelievers need to prove it is false.

UPDATE 1:  The original source, resident in Asia and moving in gold circles, is trying to run down transcripts.  We have received two opposing reactions right away.  The first, for extremely effective counterintelligence seniors, is “crap, beneath contempt.”  The second, from extremely effective intelligence seniors, is “need to read full transcripts, she's probably one third right, one third ultra-Christian blinders that misinterpret stuff, and one third looney.”  Our own reaction: this tracks with the role Al Gray and other USMC flags played in the murder of Col David Sabow, USMC (Aviation), and the role the US Army played in the assassination of Martin Luther King.  Bottom line:  A total honest investigation of every allegation should be a priority for the DoD Inspector General.  We doubt it will happen.  What we find most interesting is that all the dirt is coming out fast and furious, on 9/11, on flag corruption, on the murder of US citizens by US covert operations personnel responding to a dual chain of command.  We have no direct knowledge; our only objective is to place before the public all possible knowledge relevant to restoring the Constitution and the Republic — America the Beautiful under a rule of law, prosperous, at peace, an America that is equitable for everyone.

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