NIGHTWATCH: Tunesia – New Crisis (Intelligence) Networks

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tunesia contextTunisia: The Tunisian government announced yesterday it was setting up crisis cells after the United States warned that al-Qaida in the African Maghreb (AQIM) was seeking to establish a base in the country.

“We have launched the creation of crisis cells to monitor terrorist activities on the border (with Libya and Algeria) and in the interior, faced with the rise of the militant movement and the existence of recruitment networks,” Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou told Parliament.

He said those cells would be under the control of Tunisia’s Supreme Security Council and would also gather information on networks enrolling young Tunisians to fight in Syria.

Comment: This looks like an intelligence operation rather than combat. Reaction by the Tunisian Islamist parties should indicate whether the Tunisians are taking seriously the US warning.

Phi Beta Iota:  Imagine a reformed and reconfigured US Intelligence Community committed to fully leveraging open sources in all languages, and equally committed to open source technology and multinational collaborative efforts.  Such a community, after first getting its act together with respect to Whole of Government intelligence and the eradication of corruption and the waste it produces (50% of the federal budget, one third of which is borrowed), would then become the energizer bunny, spreading out across the world to transfer Open Source Everything (OSE) and promulgate the M4IS2 model, such that every country, every non-profit, every corporation, every university, had an opportunity to monetize intelligence with integrity.

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